A liquid precursor for the growth of platinum

A liquid precursor for the growth of platinum

Platinum Precursor for Chemical Vapour Deposition

In 2003, the compound PtMe3(MeCp) enabled the first Pt metal ALD process and has since been the precursor of choice for Pt thin film growth of this noble metal [1]. The deposition processes rely on the combustion of the chemisorbed Pt precursor by an oxidant, such as the oxygen found in air  yielding pure Pt metal thin films [1, 2]. The pronounced reactivity of this compound additionally affords film growth via a reductive approach using hydrogen. At atmospheric pressure reductive CVD was achieved at temperatures as low as 120 °C [3].



To enable the use of a liquid delivery system PtMe3(MeCp) has to be warmed above 30 °C generating a sufficient vapor pressure (0.4 Torr at 50°C) [4]. We have recently introduced the formerly patent protected ethyl derivative PtMe3(EtCp). This volatile liquid reaches a vapor pressure of 0.1 Torr at 39 °C and can therefore be easily delivered using a liquid bubbler at near room temperature [5]. This potential of PtMe3(EtCp) for Pt film growth was demonstrated in 2003 utilizing a combustion like CVD process [5]. Additionally, the ethyl precursor (78-1375) also enables photo-assisted film growth in hydrogen atmosphere due to an inherent photosensitivity [6].



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