Platinum precursor for ALD and CVD

Platinum precursor for ALD and CVD

This low melting (30-31oC) off white solid with high volatility (subl. 23°C/0.053mm) is widely used in CVD and ALD applications due, in part, to its simplicity of elements (only C,H and Pt), and moderate decomposition temperatures.

A low temperature method for deposition using such a volatile, but stable platinum precursor, is highly advantageous as long as they are free of extemporaneous atoms from ligands. Thin films of platinum are used extensively in microelectronic device processing and electrodeless metal plating.1 Platinum films of high purity (>99 atom %) and high crystal quality are obtained at 180o C from cyclopentadienyltrimethylplatinum (78-1300).2 The need for a liquid precursor for platinum vapor deposition to afford better control over vaporization for thin film manufacturing has led to the study of 78-1350, an oily substance at room temperature.

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Platinum Precursor

CAS Number: 1271-07-4