ALD and CVD Precursors for use in Micro & Nano electronics

ALD and CVD Precursors for use in Micro & Nano electronics


CAS 1034343-98-0

Nano layers of metals, semiconducting and dielectric materials are crucial components of modern electronic devices, high-efficiency solar panels, memory systems, computer chips and a broad variety of high-performance tools. We provide a huge range of high-quality purified precursors for research in semiconductor and thin film research and development.

The technique of choice for depositing nano-films on various surfaces is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), which uses consecutive chemical reactions on a material’s surface to create nanostructures with predetermined thickness and chemical composition

Strem Chemicals   are continually adding new products for this dynamic and exciting field. Our Puratem products are ‘High Purity Inorganics’ and they all have a 99.99%+ metals purity used during the ALD process. We also have a growing stock of nanomaterials including graphene and quantum dots.

We continue to expand our selection of electropolished stainless steel bubblers to meet your metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) needs. Along with offering high-quality precursors for ALD safely packaged in a variety of steel cylinders suitable for use with a variety of deposition systems.  We also operate a filling, refilling and cleaning services for our customers as part of our drive to sustainability.


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