CANdot® in Solid State Lighting (LED)

CANdot® in Solid State Lighting (LED)

Due to their unique properties, fluorescent and magnetic particles are currently in the focus of great interest especially concerning material science and biomedical applications. For example, these nanocrystals are already used for security purpose as well as cancer targeting.


CANGmbH has developed a variety of fluorescent nanoparticle systems for the use as phosphors LEDs  – CANdot® Series A, C and X. These are available from Strem Chemicals UK

They feature small particle diameters, narrow size distributions and long term stability. In addition they exhibit exceptional fluorescence properties like high Quantum yields, tunable emission wavelength and thermal stability which makes them suitable for applications where fluorophores are needed. A patent pending continuous flow process allows production of even larger amounts of these nanoparticles at a much lower cost than ever before. In addition, this procedure ensures high reproducibility of all particle properties at every production volume

Due to the high thermal and long term stability of our particles they are particularly suitable as fluorophores in LEDs where these properties are at a premium.

CANdot® is a registered trademark from the Centre for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH. This page summarizes the variety of nanoparticles produced from CAN and sold under the Strem label. You can review more specific information by clicking on each link. For information on buying our fluorescent nanoparticles, please click here.