Demonstrating commitment to high quality through colour

Demonstrating commitment to high quality through colour


Quality is the most critical component of all products & service

Colour and form are the key indicators that determine the quality of a product, especially metal catalysts. When chemicals are not handled, packaged, or stored under the correct conditions, the quality diminishes. Here at Strem, our focus is not only to manufacture high quality specialty chemicals, but to guarantee you receive the same quality, colour, and form, from manufacturing to delivery.

We utilise years of experience in manufacturing inorganics / organometallics and multiple analytical techniques to produce and ensure superior products. Colour and form are checked and confirmed as our products are made, packaged, and shipped. From our chemists to our trained warehouse staff, our process certifies the output of high purity products; typically, 99%, with some at 99.9999% metals purity.

Since our very first catalogue more than 50 years ago, we have been reporting color and form so that our customers receive nothing but the highest quality products.

Strem, quality you can see.



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