Highly Efficient Endoprotease Involved In Biocatalysis

Highly Efficient Endoprotease Involved In Biocatalysis

Enzymes for Kinetic Resolution of Amino Acids by Hydrolysis of Racemic Amino Esters

Biocatalysis involves the implementation of natural catalysts, such as enzymes, in place of chemical catalysts in synthetic processes. Compared to inorganic and organometallic catalysts, enzymes are more environmentally friendly materials, offer higher reaction rates, are able to operate under milder reaction conditions and demonstrate high reaction specificity with no side products.

Strem Chemicals in collaboration with Novozymes offer a wide range of enzyme products, grouped as Lipase and Endoprotease biocatalysts.

Proteases are enzymes which conduct proteolysis by hydrolysis of the peptide bonds that link amino acids together in the polypeptide chain forming the protein (Lipase biocatalysts are reviewed here). Proteases belong to the class of enzymes known as hydrolases catalyzing the reaction of hydrolysis of various bonds with the participation of a water molecule. Proteases can be used in organic synthesis to resolve a pair of enantiomeric forms in racemic mixtures through kinetic resolution where one enantiomer in the mixture is more rapidly transformed than the other.1,2


Fig. 1. Proteolysis of a peptide bond.

Proteases catalyze proteolysis of peptide bonds in polypeptides, proteins and selective hydrolysis of carboxylic esters and amino esters. There are different classes of proteases, i.e. serine, threonine, cysteine, aspartate, glutamic acid, and metallo-proteases.

Strem offers serine and metallo-protease enzyme products. Serine proteases contain a serine group in their active site which is essential for substrate binding and cleavage. Serine proteases are characterized by their broad substrate specificity and their activity extends beyond purely peptidase to include esterase and amidase activities. Serine endopeptidase Alcalase® 2.4 L FG (06-3110), Alcalase® 2.5 L (06-3112), Esperase® 8.0 L (06-3115) are presented in liquid phase; Savinase® 12 T (06-3137) and Savinase® 16 L (06-3150) endopeptidase are granulates. They are useful catalysts for stereoselective hydrolysis of amino esters and selective esters, also for hydrolysis of amid end ester bonds of lysine and arginine at the carboxyl terminal. Metalloprotease protease is represented by Liquid Neutrase 0.8 L (06-3160) and is able to hydrolyze internal peptide bonds.

Similar to lipase enzymes, phosphate buffers are also recommended for protease-based enzymatic reactions. Based on the pH required for the reaction, a specific phosphate buffer can be prepared or used. Details about the optimum operation conditions and suitable application reactions can be found in the corresponding technical note.



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