Join our webinar 16:00 Wednesday, in United Kingdom

Join our webinar 16:00 Wednesday, in United Kingdom

Join us for a webinar as we discuss P-Chiral Ligands and the applications and challenges with current technology. Explore our high-quality ligands such as BIBOP, WingPhos, BI-DIME, AntPhos, and more. Discover 2,000+ catalysts and ligands available for R&D and resources available to you at your fingertips from Strem!

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DATE: Friday, May 29, 2020
TIME : 11:00 am ET 16.00 UK time
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“P-Chiral Ligands for Applications in Asymmetric Catalysis” – Presented by eMolecules

Speaker: Ian Powers, PhD, Sr. R&D Chemist, Strem Chemicals, Inc.

P-chiral ligands are phosphorus compounds which contain a chiral phosphorus atom. A landmark point in the genesis of the field of asymmetric catalysis was Knowles’ use of the P-chiral DIPAMP ligand in the 1970’s to synthesize the antidepressant L-DOPA on an industrial scale.1 However, difficulties in the synthesis of P-chiral ligands and their relative lack of stability resulted in the field of asymmetric catalysis being dominated by phosphines with remote chirality located on the ligand backbone.2 It was not until many years later that P-chiral ligands resurfaced as viable ligands in catalysis. Recently, a class of P-chiral ligands containing a 1,2-dihydrobenzooxaphosphole core motif has been reported by researchers at Boehringer Ingelheim.3 These compounds are air stable, highly tunable, and very active when employed as ligands in asymmetric catalysis. This presentation will discuss the history and development of these versatile ligands and will explore a number of examples in which these ligands have been applied in the field of asymmetric catalysis.

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