Kits for screening experiments

Kits for screening experiments

Many of our kits are used in Pharma research and contain a variety of chemicals commonly combined when performing screening experiments.

Our kits are used in Pharma research  contain a variety of chemicals commonly combined.Of course our most famous are the 7 Buchwald kits including the most recent, a generation 4 Buchwald Palladacycle Precatalyst Kit 4, (Methanesulfonato-2′-methylamino-

1,1′-biphenyl-2-yl- Palladacycles

Strem and Evonik working together allow us to offer three types of Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst kits which may be used in pharmaceutical research
Evonik Heterogeneous Palladium Catalyst Kit contains five 5% Pd and one 10% Pd catalysts
Evonik Heterogeneous Catalyst Kit for Selective Hydrogenation contains one Ru catalyst, one Rh catalyst, three un-promoted and one Vanadium promoted Pt catalyst.
Evonik Heterogeneous Catalyst Kit is the combination of both kits.

The kit contains 12 of the precious metal catalysts chosen for their suitability in the following reactions:
*Hydrogenation of C-C double bonds, carbonyls, nitriles, nitro groups and aromatic rings
*Hydrogenolysis reactions such as debensylations and CBz removals
*Oxidation of alcohols and sugars
*CC- Coupling reactions
The content of the sample kit and the applications of the catalysts are described in two brochures enclosed in the kit and are sold in collaboration with Evonik for research purposes only