Manganese Amidinate Offers High-Quality, Uniform Thin Mn Films, which could improve electronics and solar cells

Manganese Amidinate Offers High-Quality, Uniform Thin Mn Films, which could improve electronics and solar cells

A Volatile Manganese Precursor for ALD & CVD,

25-0230 CAS 1188406-04-3


Thin films of transition metals and their oxides are crucial ingredients in advanced material applications such as magnetic information storage, microelectronics and catalysis.  ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are techniques modified to deliver uniform thin films for these applications. Bis(N,N’-di-i-propylpentylamidinato)manganese(II),25-0230, CAS1188406-04-3  is a new manganese precursor offered by Strem Chemicals for such applications.

25-0230 1188406-04-3melts at 70 oC and has a highly selective reactivity with molecular hydrogen or water vapour affording fine films of metal or metal oxides.  The high thermal stability (>200oC) and volatility (vapor pressure at 90oC is 50 mTorr) make it a great candidate for ALD and CVD applications. This amidinate precursor is highly reactive, affording the deposition of manganese at reasonable rates in the growth of Mn(0) films. This reactive precursor is far superior to the carbonyl analogues currently available.

25-0230 + SiO2 surface (>300 oC) => MnSixOy

The formation of MnSixOy affords a smooth insulator (sheet resistance > 1017 W/sq) while serving as a barrier against Cu, O2, and H2O diffusion. The manganese metal penetrates only a few nanometers into the SiO2 resulting in conformal amorphous manganese silicate layers.  There is strong adhesion between Cu(Mn) and insulators, which increases the lifetime of circuits against failure by electromigration.

Alternatively, analogous MnNx films can be prepared by CVD of 25-0230 vapour with NH3.  MnNx prepared by CVD of manganese amidinate vapor with NH3 uniformly coats very narrow holes.  MnNx + Si form an insulating MnSiyOzNw layer, hindering diffusion of Cu, H2O, and O2.  As an interconnect structure for integrated circuits, manganese silicate and manganese silicon nitride layers completely surround copper wires. The barrier against copper diffusion protects the insulator from degradation and therefore premature breakdown during manufacturing and use. The manganese-containing coating also protects the copper from corrosion by oxygen or water found in its surroundings



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