A new booklet available about Photocatalysts

A new booklet available about Photocatalysts


ligands and precursors for photocatalysts

Photocatalysis has seen growing interest recently in the reactions of small molecules in water splitting, forming solar fuels and also in organic synthesis. In this recently released booklet you will find our selection of photocatalysts, related kits for screening purposes, as well as ligands and precursors for photocatalyst synthesis. There have been interesting developments in photocatalysis in the past few decades. Many of these novel compounds have been applied to solar cell research, light emitting diode manufacturing (LED) and initiators for free radical polymerizations.

Specifically, cyclometallated ruthenium and iridium complexes are pervasive and figure prominently. Recently, these compounds have been successfully applied to catalytic transformations. These d6 coordinatively unsaturated 18-electron species are capable of utilising metal to ligand charge transfer states generated during excitation with visible light. Taking advantage of oxidative and reductive pathways created by these excited state species, allows them to be applied as novel catalysts. These catalysts can also be utilised in challenging organic transformations in both bench-top and commercial


In this booklet from Strem Chemicals, you will find ligands and precursors for photocatalysts and related kits for screening purpose, as well as synthesis. This booklet is available in a soft copy by contacting enquiries@www.strem.co.uk or +44 1223 870584