News from the team at DZP and Strem Chemicals UK

News from the team at DZP and Strem Chemicals UK

Close photo of a Blue Sign indicating an Electric Vehicle Recharging Point. Green Trees are Visible in Background. Ecological Mode of Transport.

Our colleague Zlatka Stoeva the Managing Director of DZP was presenting ‘Graphene and beyond – 2D materials for energy storage applications’  a presentation at HiPerNano 2018: Nanotechnology for Clean Growth Event run by KTN earlier this week

At this event, nanotechnology developers and users were invited for a series of discussions, debates, and presentations covering different areas where nanotechnology could play a key role in clean growth Topics include resource efficiency, environmentally friendly nanomaterials, clean mobility, and energy

 Graphene is a nanomaterial that has been attracting a remarkable amount of interest as a potential game changer for various applications, from energy storage to flexible transparent displays. This material is a carbon sheet that is just one atom thick, with outstanding electronic properties, and chemical and mechanical stability.

With a focus on commercially viable technology development, DZP work in the chasm that often exists between the academic research centres and companies seeking to develop graphene products that fill a market need. Strem Chemicals UK act as their distributor

With no tie to specific graphene raw material, DZP adopt a holistic approach to technology development. Their primary focus is on the best solution for a specific product, and not the ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ approach often found with large commercial ink manufacturers which offer off-the-shelf products. If a customised graphene ink is the solution, we will work with you to develop a commercially viable product.

DZP have experience in the following graphene technologies:

  • Conductive graphene inks and thick pastes

    • Aqueous graphene dispersions

    • Graphene energy storage (supercapacitors and batteries)

    • Graphene for optical detection

    • Graphene laser patterning and Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT).