Phosphorus Specialities FREE Webinar

Phosphorus Specialities FREE Webinar

Join us for a webinar on Thursday  October 1st at 16.00 British Summer Time or 11 am Eastern Daylight Time

Phosphorus Specialties: the cornerstone of synthesis for pharmaceutical applications

Mark your calendars for the Phosphorus Specialties webinar, presented by Strem and Solvay and hosted by eMolecules. Join us as Solvay takes us through the various applications and solutions Phosphorus Ligands, the leader of pharmaceutical and life sciences, has to offer.

DATE: Thursday, October 1, 2020
TIME : 16.00 GMT
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” Phosphorus Specialties: the cornerstone of synthesis for pharmaceutical applications”
– Presented by eMolecules

William Stibbs, Ph.D., Senior Business Development Manager, Solvay
Dino Amoroso, Ph.D., North America Account Manager, Solvay
Eamonn Conrad, Ph.D., Global Business Development Manager, Solvay

The underlying chemistry of Solvay’s phosphine derivatives will be presented ranging from the generation of phosphine through to the synthesis of phosphine ligands for applications and synthesis in pharmaceutical chemistry. The discussion will provide insight into how variations in the starting materials and the chemistries employed can allow access to a diverse range of very versatile phosphorus-based materials. Phosphorus ligands have been in the forefront of pharmaceutical and life sciences ranging from applications such as Remdesivir, COVID-19 testing kits, genetic sequencing and countless pharmaceutical drug synthesis. This presentation will discuss these applications as well as others in the context of commercially relevant solutions.

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