Photonics materials available from Strem Chemicals UK

Photonics materials available from Strem Chemicals UK

Among the many materials used to these photonic ends, quantum dots represent a very special class of materials. Quantum dots are semiconductor nanocrystals that show exceptional optical and electrical properties due to quantum-confined nature of their energy levels. For a given quantum dot material, the variation in optical properties can be modulated with the size of the dots themselves.

Typically the size of quantum dots ranges from a few nanometers to tens of nanometers.  Materials are based on cadmium sulphide selenide/zinc sulphide and can be assembled as either quantum dots in the solid form or as core shell materials.

The Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH has an agreement with Strem Inc to supply applies its expertise in nanoparticle synthesis and ligand modification towards developing optimised particles for optoelectronic devices, like  CANdots® Series C for solar cells.

CANdots® Series C particles feature a tuneable absorption by changing their size so that the particles’ absorption spectrum fits the solar profile

These products allows production of even larger amounts of these nanoparticles at a much lower cost than ever before. In addition, this procedure ensures a high reproducibility of all particle properties at every production volume, resulting in a higher quality product when compared to material resulting from batch syntheses.

CANdots nanoparticles exhibit a narrow size distribution, making them suitable for producing thin films comprising defined monolayers by means of different coating methods. Different customisation steps are required to apply semiconductor nanoparticles as absorber material in solar cells for optimised process ability and performance.

CANdots Series A nanoparticles can also be applied for photovoltaic purposes. With fluorescence and absorption in the visible, these materials are ideal for use in niche applications or facilitating quality control, for instance in film preparation.

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