MOCVD, CVD & ALD precursors

MOCVD, CVD & ALD precursors

Due to the experience  from Strem Inc in the US where their 50+ years of experience in the manufacture of inorganic and organometallic chemicals have allowed us to expand our product offering of MOCVD, CVD, and ALD precursors. MOCVD stands for Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition, which is a technique for depositing thin layers of atoms onto a semiconductor wafer. Using MOCVD one can build up many layers, each of a precisely controlled thickness, to create materials which have specific optical and electrical properties.We are continually adding new products for this dynamic and exciting field. Our range of products are presented in this brochure (sorted by key element) and include:
Metal alkyls

Metal alkyl amides and alkylimides
Volatile metal carbonyls
Metal amidinates
Fluorinated derivatives
Metal alkoxides

Electronic grade chemicals
Metal beta-diketonates
Metal halides
Single source precursors for mixed metal oxides
Metal cyclopentadienyls

We also offer electro polished stainless steel bubblers at 150ml to 3000ml
capacities. (See page 54-57). Both horizontal-in-line and vertical configurations
are available. Standard bubblers are equipped with diaphragm valves rated to
121°C (PCTFE stem tips). Bubblers equipped with high temperature bellows valves rated to 315°C are also available.
Please note that we now offer
NEW DOT 4B, UN stamped electro polished stainless steel bubblers Cylinders (50ml, 150ml and 200ml) for ALD are also offered.
We have a very good booklet available either hard or soft copies from

MOCVD, CVD & ALD Precursors