Tetrakis(triphenylphosphine)palladium(0), 99% (99.9+%-Pd)

Catalogue number:46-2150 CAS: 14221-01-3

This palladium complex, also commonly called “tetrakis”, has been a workhorse in palladium catalysis for a number of decades. Some may even remember synthesizing this four-coordinate square planar complex by using hydrazine (rocket fuel) as a reducing agent that makes this experience quite memorable.

It has served as a very useful source of active palladium(0) and as enabled a number of cross-coupling reactions in conjunction with (and without) ligands. This yellow air-sensitive complex facilitates Suzuki-Miyaura reactions along with Mizoroki-Heck and even Stille reactions. Its versatility is irrefutable and has been used in cross-couplings with aryliodides and bromides and some activated arylchlorides, although not as efficiently as by using alternate pre-catalysts for arylchlorides. Other more electron-rich palladium systems fill this void and are also available from Strem.

When used for R&D and reaction screenings, it is best stored under inert atmosphere and maybe, from a practical sense, should be purchased in small sealed unit that can be opened when needed. The high reactivity of this complex is evidenced by its air-sensitivity and over time, under non-inert atmosphere, decomposition as shown by the yellow complex turning green to eventually black is apparent.