Strem Chemicals UK offers CVD/ALD bubblers & ampoules for R&D and high-volume manufacturing use

Strem Chemicals UK offers CVD/ALD bubblers & ampoules for R&D and high-volume manufacturing use

Our parent company Strem Chemicals Inc has more than fifty years of experience in manufacturing inorganic and organometallic chemicals and probably the world´s most extensive product offering of MOCVD, CVD, and ALD precursors.
Continually adding new products for this dynamic and exciting field, our range of products is presented in the online catalogue and include:

* Metal amidinates
* Metal alkoxides
* Metal β-diketonates
* Metal cyclopentadienyls
* Metal halides
* Volatile organometallics
* Volatile metal carbonyls
* Fluorinated derivatives
* Electronic grade chemicals
* Single source precursors for mixed metal oxides

The standard and absolutely safest way to transport and deliver highly reactive ALD & CVD precursors is in stainless steel ampoules. These are often referred to as bubblers since in many cases they are fitted with a dip tube on the inlet allowing efficient vapor delivery by an inert carrier gas like N2, He or Ar. These bubblers are readily fitted with seal tight valves and VCR vacuum fittings for easy and safe installation directly on the ALD/CVD tool gas box by a qualified person.
In addition to our 450+ precursors, we offer a variety of electropolished stainless steel bubblers at capacities ranging from 150ml to 3000ml. These bubblers are available in horizontal-in-line and vertical configurations. While standard bubblers are equipped with diaphragm valves rated to 121°C (PCTFE stem tips), Strem also supplies bubblers with high-temperature bellows valves rated to 315°C. DOT and UN approved configurations are available.

An assortment of cylinders for ALD can be found in the online catalogue with standard, high-temperature and high-purity options. In addition, Strem provides additional services to our customers for their MOCVD, CVD & ALD needs such as:
* Cylinder/Bubbler Cleaning
* Precursor Filling & Refilling
* Pre-packaged Precursors in ALD Cylinders

CVD & ALD Bubblers from Strem UK