More from the world of MOFs made by Strem Chemicals

More from the world of MOFs made by Strem Chemicals

MOF ZIF-8 makes a promising candidate, with strong structural characteristics, for heterogeneous applications

Porous Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks (ZIFs), which belong to the family of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs), are interesting materials because of their use in gas/liquid storage and separation.  ZIFs can also be used as heterogeneous catalysts for organic reactions.
Among the varieties of ZIFs, ZIF-8 is an exceptional material because of its structural, chemical and thermal stability. Zeolite-type tetrahedral nets of ZIF-8 are built of tetrahedral atoms of zinc, which are connected by 2-methylimidazole linkers. Compared to other ZIFs, ZIF-8 has larger pores (11.6 Å or 1.16 nm) which are accessible through small apertures of 3.4 Å (0.34 nm), a surface area of 1947 m2/g and a pore volume of 0.663 cm3/g. The product also exhibits excellent thermal stability up to 550 °C.[1] CAS 59061-53-9        Strem  30-4015: Zinc 2-methylimidazole MOF ZIF-8

Building monomeric unit of ZIF-8

There are many potential applications for ZIF-8. Given its high porosity, this material can be used for storage of natural gas (where methane is a major constituent) and alkane separation from CO2 in the petrochemical industry.[2-3]  In addition, there are reports of it as a catalyst (Knoevenagel reaction), or as a catalyst support for metal nanoparticles.[4] Also check out our website for more Metal Organic Frameworks offered by Strem:


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